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Welcome to the new look Commemorabilia website. As our name implies, we specialise in royal memorabilia as well as commemorative items of all types and materials, for all occasions. We have been involved with commemoratives for over thirty years and have vast stocks. We are one of the leading dealers in all types of commemoratives in the UK and supply collectors both at home and overseas.

To learn more about us and what we can do for you, please take a look around the website. It includes information about new and old commemoratives and if you have missed out on any updates, please visit the "archives" section of the website to see some of our previous items in glorious detail.

The website is updated on a monthly basis with a small selection of our new commemoratives. They appear in the "latest" section of this website. Each commemorative displayed on the site has a photograph and a detailed description of the item to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not the item is for you.

For a more definitive list regarding just some of the 2000+ commemoratives we currently have in stock, please order the catalogue. To do this visit the "catalogue" section of the website and follow the instructions.
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